A new kid on the block

Teacher and pupil: Yolaine Corbin and her special assistant, her daughter Poppie, in Thermomix action.

You’ve been introduced to our marvelous team of creative cooks and Thermomix evangelists over the last few weeks: Lesley Russell, Yolaine Corbin, Tenina Holder, Alyce Alexandra and Jemma Gray. Now meet Poppie Leonard, Yolaine’s precocious seven-year-old daughter.

Poppie, who is in Grade 1, with Yolaine as her guide, had no choice but to know and love the Thermomix, and it was a natural that she should star in a video preparing one of Yolaine’s go to recipes, a yoghurt cake created to make cooking easy for kids—no weights, all measurements done with a yoghurt pot!! You can see the video and the recipe here.

I’ll let Yolaine tell Poppie’s story: “She loves helping around the kitchen—her favourite is to get scraps of any dough I make and turn the scraps into her own concoction. She has had a very adventurous culinary life already and has travelled a lot and tasted a lot. By the time she was two, she'd been around the world!

“She's experienced all the foods of France, naturally—oysters, foie gras, mussels, all kinds of smelly cheeses. She’s been to America, Thailand (her dad's background, though she's not big on chilli). She loves Japanese food and we are heading to Japan next year!

“Her dad is a hunter and gatherer. He takes her fishing, mushroom picking and they cook and eat what they catch.

“Poppie has been using the Thermomix for a couple of years now, she knows all the functions, even plays with my flipchart, practicing to be a consultant later on (as well as a vet and a rock star!).

“Her first ever Thermomix dish was making her own hot chocolate.”

Here it is:
50 grams of chocolate
250 grams milk

1. Grate the chocolate 10 seconds/speed 8.
2. Add the milk and cook 4 minutes/speed 2. Don’t want it too hot for kids!
3. The rest is for the adults (read me!). Cook for 2 minutes/85 degrees/speed 2.

We’re not sure whether Poppie will be a vet, or pop star, but we reckon she could well be the next Nigella, or Maggie, or Donna or Rachel. With that audition tape behind her watch out the Food Channel in 2030!!

Better use of the freezer

I’ve just endured one of those chores we all hate: delving into our inadequate freezer and discovering piles of afterthoughts tossed in willy-nilly and forgotten. That such a wonderful tool can be so poorly treated is an indictment on me—and most of us I suspect.

Well, an answer is at hand, courtesy of the wonderful Kenji López-Alt. Kenji (pictured below), who has an insatiable appetite for discovering the truth of cooking, was featured in our Summer/Autumn edition Q&A when his marvellous book, The Food Lab (Norton) was released in Australia. The Food Lab is a must have for all interested in food, even though it has no tips or tricks (or even use) for the Thermomix. You can buy it here.

The Food Lab is the perfect Christmas gift [unless you’ve already pre-ordered our best of: Great Recipes for the Thermomix!! September 30 is the last day for the discount offer, with the book reaching bookshops in early October.]

As well as his books, Kenji is a regular on seriouseats.com, one of the finest food websites in creation, and one of his most recent posts provides some great, and simple, ideas to prepare food for the freezer, and the best way to defrost it quickly.

As with most things cooking, it’s all common sense. It certainly made me think, and also look to get a proper freezer!

It’s best to read Kenji’s story and watch his videos, but here’s a quick summary for those with little time to spare.

1. Freeze in zip lock bags and freeze flat. (Sigh, such classic common sense)
2. Label and date all frozen food. (How often do we forget).
3. Defrost in aluminium trays. (Who would have thought?)

I recommend following Kenji on Instagram, for all his latest musings and recipes: @kenjilopezalt​

A special offer from Alyce Alexandra

As noted above, Alyce Alexandra has joined our TMix+ team, and her original recipes will feature in each issue of the magazine. Alyce has been creating recipes for several years, and her best-selling books are much loved by Thermomix users.

Alyce has kindly offered our readers a discount on her Thermomix cookbook Recipes from our Cooking School. This book, a handpicked selection of recipes from Alyce’s Thermomix cooking classes, is designed to teach you how to get the most out of your machine with great results. You will learn to navigate your way around multilayered meals in the Varoma, conquer the art of homemade bread baking, and discover how to produce a huge variety of delicious, impressive and foolproof meals all in your Thermomix.

To purchase, visit www.theTMshop.com.au and use the discount code TMIX to get $5 off your copy of Recipes from our Cooking School.

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