On Deadline

We’ve been under the pump this week, putting together the pages for the next edition of TMix+, on sale  September 5, across Australia.

Rather than devote full energy to the newsletter and send the magazine to print late, I thought it best to provide a sneak preview of the section we’ve devoted to the Food of France. This issue covers my love affair not only with food of that wonderful country, but also includes an essay on the state of food in France, by one of my favourite writers on food, Ed Behr.Behr first came to my attention in the 80s, when I came across his marvellous periodical The Art of Eating, now only in digital form (http://artofeating.com/. Behr’s essay comes from his latest book, his fourth The Food and Wine of France (Penguin).

I hope you enjoy the sneak preview, and the cover below.

Egg and bacon flower: photo by Fredrik Lähnn

TMix+ is all for the rights of individuals to express forthright opinions, unless their name starts with Donald and ends with Trump. This week Hard to Swallow found it difficult to come to terms with a concept pushed by the animal rights mob PETA (People for the ethical rights of animals): that Eggs and Bacon Bay, on the Huon River estuary south of Hobart should have a name change—to Apple and Cherry Bay.

We’ve had a vegan in the office, and we loved her commitment to her work and to her diet, but when she offered us a taste of her lunch one day—a mock chicken sandwich—we declined respectfully, as did the deputy mayor of the Huon Valley, Cr Ian Paul, when he said of the idea: “I think the world has gone mad, I just can’t barely believe it.” Cr Paul obviously comes from good stock. We loved his next line: “I don’t mind if people want to be vegans or vegetarians or eat a sheep a day, it’s their business.” A sheep a day would surely keep the apples and cherries at bay.

What’s even more mad, to take a line from the Councilor, is that the name doesn’t refer to the world’s favourite breakfast treat, but to a wildflower, Lotus corniculatus, which carries many monikers connected to its colorful flower: eggs and bacon leads the way followed by butter and eggs. It also has connections to its shape, which would also cause the folk from PETA conniptions: bird’s foot trefoil.

As we said, we’re all for forthright opinions, as long as they have the potential to change the world, or at least to get the census done and dusted on time and on budget.

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