A New Team Member

Our new creative cook and recipe tester Yolaine Corbin and her children Marley (2) and Poppie-Louise (7).

We’ve come a long way since we thought it was a good idea to create a quarterly magazine that aims to “get the most from your Thermomix”. We started with an idea, we gathered Lesley Russell as our head creative cook from the get go, and we’ve added other champions to the team along the way, most notably our senior editor and food conscience, Cathy Gowdie, and our regular contributors, Simone Egger, Michael Shmith and Rita Erlich. This week, I am delighted to welcome another creative cook to the crew. Yolaine Corbin’s profile fits exactly with what seems to be the typical Thermomix user: i.e. a young mother, with two hungry kids.

Yolaine is much more than somebody who thought it might be a good idea to add a Thermomix to the kitchen crew: she’s a hospitality professional of more than ten years standing, with a particular talent for baking, after managing the kitchen in a Malvern bakery for almost eight years, after doing her apprenticeship at the renowned, and eternal France Soir in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra. Not only that, she was born and raised in her native France, and has brought all that wonderful history and culture of cooking of her homeland to our magazine.

Our next issue has a close focus on the food of France, so her arrival to our team could not have been better. Pictured below is one of the dishes she has created for the next edition: fruit pastilles, from a recipe of the great French patissier, Gaston Lenotre. It was, she says, torture to get it right—proving that every recipe takes trial and error, and more trial and more error—but the photo tells the story. Success!


Aw, Shucks​

Helene Meurer has gathered a huge following from her blog out of Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. We’ve followed her blog (superkitchenmachine.com) since we first became aware of the Thermomix. Helene is an unabashed fan of the Thermomix as she writes: “This blog speaks from a position of unbridled appreciation, about Thermomix cooking fun… We’re all here together for one simple reason: to celebrate the fun, freedom, and satisfaction of preparing great food with a super kitchen machine.” Her views are our views: she’s not an apologist for the Thermomix, but, like us, she’s about finding how to make the most of your machine.

So, we were humbled when she reviewed our magazine so positively in a recent post in which she wrote about TMix+. She wrote: “To me, it feels a bit like Time-Life Good Cooks, Gourmet Magazine, Donna Hay,and Thermomix had a love child.  But I’ll let you decide. This is a magazine to curl up and get lost in. It’s a magazine of solid recipes and great reading. It comes out quarterly and that’s a good thing because you’ll want the time to savour this one.”

The review also included a recipe for the Meat Loaf we published in the autumn/winter edition. You can find the recipe here.

BONUS TIMES:  We’ve noted previously (newsletter April 1) that the great proportion of subscribers to TMix+ are women. In fact, just on two percent of our subscribers are men, something that doesn’t quite sit with our 2016 sense of caring and sharing particularly when it comes to cooking. Well guys (that’s men, in this case David Morrison) we know that in the good old days, kitchen chores were seen to be the role of women, but as well as the welcome sense of camaraderie in all things domestic in this new age of role-sharing, we’ve discovered another reason for blokes to get cooking, particularly with the Thermomix (with the help of TMix+) making so many tasks a case of pushing a button, or twirling a knob, and sitting back while the machine does the job for you.

It’s a rather base reason, but research revealed by qz.com, claims, in a roaring headline, that “Couples who are fair about housework have more sex”. The story comes from a paper to be published in the US Journal of Marriage and Family, and written by a research crew from the University of Utah, and compares recent data with similar surveys of “marital satisfaction” from the nineties and the noughties.

The QZ yarn reports that the latest survey claims that “couples who reported sharing housework equally had sex 6.8 times per month (we’re not sure about that .8) on average, or about once more per month than those where the woman does more ‘routine housework’, defined as: “preparing and cooking meals, washing dishes, cleaning around the house, shopping for groceries, and doing laundry”.

PS: what’s fascinating about this is that only one of the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list released last week includes a woman in the team running the show; that’s Arzak, #21, with father and daughter Juan Mari and Elena Arzak in charge of kitchen and front of house.

TIME TRAVEL: We’re great fans of the work of René Redzepi, the chef who took Copenhagen from the home of the little mermaid, to the home of one of the world’s best restaurants, Noma. The success of Noma has led to dozens of other top shelf eating houses in the Danish capital, and there are now three Copenhagen joints in the Top 50: Noma (#5), Geranium (#28) and Relae (#40). We featured an excerpt from the book written by Relae’s chef Christian Puglisi in the Spring/Summer edition of TMix+, a brilliantly written essay on how a down and out part of Copenhagen became ultra trendy.But, back to Redzepi, who is constantly on the lookout for how to extend the art of cooking. Like TMix+, he loves seeking the future, by trawling the past. His Instagram feed @reneredzepinoma is a constant inspiration for us, although often describing techniques that are beyond mere mortals (or at least those of us who don’t have a kitchen brigade of dozens to do the prep work).

We loved one this week (pictured) in which he offered those who produced a useable recipe for “pickling an old fat goose” two covers at Noma. Good luck with that project.

TAKING ON THE WORLD: As we’ve noted in recent editions of the TMix+ newsletter, we’re going global with the magazine. With postage rates set by Australia Post so high to send the magazine internationally, we’ve settled (for the moment) on a digital model, providing digital subscribers full access to tmixplus.com and the magazine as a PDF, easily able to be read on PCs, or via the iPad (and also uploadable to iBooks for iPad users).

It’s simple to subscribe, and for our affiliates (subscriber get subscriber) there’s a financial benefit if your link creates new subscribers. 

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